ecomfuel Anti-Slip Heat Resistant Glove
ecomfuel Anti-Slip Heat Resistant Glove

Anti-Slip Heat Resistant Glove

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Hold heated items without burning and slipping with the Anti-Slip Heat Resistant Gloves! This product allows you to hold any hot items without pain.

Made from heat insulated fibers that have high flame protection and temperature resistance. The fabric has a thick design with cotton linings to provide a softer feel and comfort. It’s also machine washable and designed with a hook for drying or hanging. Suitable for barbecues, cooking, and baking.

  • High heat and flame protection, high-temperature resistance
  • Thick but lightweight, more flexible, safer, practical, soft and comfortable wearing even for large hands
  • Used for barbeque, cooking, baking, grilling, camping, fireplace, microwaving, heated objects, wood stove top, etc.

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