Nirvana Life Home Decor Mandala Tapestry
Nirvana Life Home Decor Mandala Tapestry
Nirvana Life Home Decor Orange Mandala Tapestry
Nirvana Life Home Decor Blue Mandala Tapestry
Nirvana Life Home Decor Red Mandala Tapestry
Nirvana Life Home Decor Light Blue Mandala Tapestry
Nirvana Life Home Decor Burgundy Mandala Tapestry

Mandala Tapestry

A Mandala is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism that represents the universe and a Mandala Tapestry is used during meditation to gain knowledge from within. 

The tapestry is suppose to absorb the mind in such a way that "parasitic" thoughts are unable to break through, the observer of the mandala is surrounded in a spiritual essence, which in turn allows the individual a higher awareness or consciousness.

This allows the agitated mind to take a break and the creative mind to run free.


Different colors are symbolic and have meaning: 

  • RED - for strength, high energy, and passion
  • PINK - for love, intuition and the feminine
  • ORANGE - for creativity, transformation, self-awareness, and intuition
  • YELLOW - for learning, wisdom, laughter, and happiness
  • GREEN - for physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and caring
  • BLUE - for emotional healing, inner peace, and meditation
  • PURPLE - for all things spiritual for spiritual focus
  • BLACK - for mystery, deep thinking, and individuality

The Mandala Tapestry Symbols used in this collection are:

  • Flower: Symbol of blossoming and inner flower. 
  • Labyrinth: While the labyrinth design has been important to historical traditions from Greco-Roman to Native American, the pattern has remained popular in modern usages. Labyrinths often represent a path or journey that culminates in a feeling of wholeness and enlightenment. 


Material: 100% Polyester
Pattern: Printed
Style: Jacquard
Technics: Woven
Shape: Rectangle
Pattern: Pastoral
Pattern Type: Paisley
Dimensions of Pink/Light Blue/Orange/Red: 78.75" x 59"
Dimensions of Blue/Burgundy: 82.7" x 57.5"


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